We produce sustainably!

We realise this through state-of-the-art production technologies and testing facilities. Through a continuous improvement process, we ensure the optimal quality of our products. To meet growing customer expectations, we constantly strive for the best possible solution, technically and ecologically. Regular investment in machinery and equipment enables us to develop, manufacture and test our products to the highest quality standards.

With the new laser cutting machine, precise cuttings are now created much faster and more energy-efficiently at DST. In this way, we increase productivity and quality. VSE's test stands have been upgraded with improved control technology and the installation of new pumps. Efficient tests and calibrations offer our customers the highest process reliability.

We are constantly striving to improve processes in the long term. When HBE oil tanks are leak-tested, they are immersed in water instead of oil and pressurised with compressed air. This protects the environment. The ViSCO.pumpĀ® developed by Beinlich is used, among other things, for the increasingly important e-mobility sector. It undergoes defined quality processes in a specially constructed room. After assembly, it is subjected to a test of its discharge value. Each pump receives a certificate of authenticity.

Quality is more than just a good product!

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