The 3D world of fluid technology

As a system supplier and one of the leading specialists worldwide in fluid technology, we offer customer-specific, comprehensive complete units consisting of Beinlich pump systems, VSE volume sensors, DST permanent magnetic couplings, HBE hydraulic components and Oleotec pressure measuring couplings. As early as the product development stage, we are able to design holistic solutions from a single source in the joint projects thanks to the close cooperation within the company group.

In order to demonstrate these synergy effects even more clearly, we would like to present the interactive 3D animation of our complete unit with the help of a Govie.

Govie stands for Game Technology and Movie. This integrates in a video additionally a walk-in 3D world in which you can adjust any angle, zoom or see our aggregate cut and in use by mouse click or touch system.

Soon you will be able to explore our products interactively. Look forward to your individual experience in the 3D world of Echterhage Holding!