Saving energy with the use of DST permanent magnetic couplings

DST permanent magnetic couplings are indispensable for environmentally compliant drive solutions. In view of the current energy and environmental situation, it is more important than ever to focus on energy savings and act in a future-oriented manner. This month on our calendar website you will find out why the right choice of canisters material for a magnetic coupling can be decisive in keeping energy losses as well as energy consumption as low as possible.

Our permanent magnetic couplings are used in many industrial sectors, including the chemical, pharmaceutical and food industries, biotechnology, industrial blast furnaces and water management. Due to their contactless and leakage-free torque transmission in pumps, compressors and agitators, they are a reliable alternative to conventional dynamic seals.

The right choice of magnetic coupling containment canister can be critical to the energy consumption and efficiency of your application. Metallic canisters can lead to significant eddy current losses. To compensate for this, an appropriately sized motor must be used. Eddy current losses also generate heat, which must be compensated by cooling elements.

In order to find a custom-fit solution for this challenge, we offer several alternatives to metallic containment canisters. Our experts will be happy to work with you to find the optimum material design for your application. Contact us!

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